Respect our retailers

Retail crime:
Don't Put Up With It

The abuse, violence and thefts endured by Scotland’s shop staff must stop. No-one should need to tolerate becoming a victim of crime simply for doing their job. The Don’t Put Up With It campaign, led by the Scottish Grocers’ Federation (SGF), encourages retailers to take a zero-tolerance approach by reporting all offences against them and for customers to say thank you for all that local stores do for their communities.


Don’t Put Up With It

Everyone has the right to work in a safe environment. Shop staff should not have to put up with being abused or becoming victims of violence. Society should not accept it.


Report It

Do not suffer silently. Retailers should not hesitate to report any crime in their store. Staff should be reassured that these issues are taken seriously. No crime is too small.


Say Thanks

You can show how much you appreciate your local shop with by simply saying ‘thank you’ as you are served. If you witness a crime, please contact Police Scotland or Crimestoppers to share what you saw.