First Minister supports call to #SayThanks

by Chris

We were delighted to have First Minister Nicola Sturgeon express her support for our drive for everyone to #SayThanks to staff in their local shops.

She took time to highlight our call after making the keynote address to our Scottish Grocers’ Federation (SGF) conference in Glasgow.

Ms Sturgeon also reinforced our wider Don’t Put Up With It campaign, encouraging retailers and their staff to report every crime witnessed in their stores. #SayThanks stems from that, encouraging greater respect of retail workers.

SGF Chief Executive Pete Cheema said: “It’s fantastic to have the First Minister’s support as we urge people to show greater respect for retail workers across Scotland.

“The simple act of us all simply saying thanks as we’re served shows how much we appreciate their hard work.”

Click here to find out why it’s so important for us all to #SayThanks.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon with SGF President Dan Brown, left, and Chief Executive Pete Cheema