Shoppers urged to #SayThanks to Scotland’s retail workers this Christmas

by Chris

Please take a moment to say thanks to Scotland’s shop staff this Christmas – it really will make a difference to their festive season.

That’s the message to shoppers from the Scottish Grocers’ Federation (SGF) as part of its drive to encourage greater respect for retail workers.

It is urging people to #SayThanks this Christmas and show their gratitude for all that store staff have done – and continue to do – for them and their communities.

The call is part of an ongoing drive to encourage better behaviour in the nation’s shops after workers were given greater legal protections against abuse and threats suffered while carrying out their jobs.

SGF is highlighting the measures through it’s Don’t Put Up With It Campaign, which champions a zero-tolerance stance against trouble in stores.

And, while it urges retailers to report every crime they witness in their shops, it encourages shoppers to say thank you to those serving them.

SGF Chief Executive Dr Pete Cheema said: “Kindness and Christmas go hand-in-hand, so there is no better time for customers to take literally a couple of seconds to say a simple thank you to their local shop staff to show their gratitude for all that they have done – and continue to do – for them.

“In the face of ongoing threats posed by the coronavirus pandemic, staff in convenience stores across the country are pulling out all of the stops to ensure everyone can shop safely.

“A little thanks as people are served really will make them feel appreciated and enjoy a little more of the season’s spirit. They work even harder at this time of year to ensure that we can all enjoy Christmas and time with our families.

Staff in stores across the country are pulling out all of the stops to ensure everyone can shop safely

dr Pete Cheema, SGF

“As others see you say thanks, we hope people will realise that there is no place for bad manners and abuse in Scotland’s shops.

“All too often, retail workers are subjected to unacceptable abuse as they carry out their work. By saying thank you, we can remind them that the vast majority of us respect and appreciate all that they do.”

The Protection of Workers Act, introduced earlier this year, gives greater protection to shop workers by making it a specific offence to threaten or abuse them. It also provides further legal protections when the worker is carrying out statutory duties such as age verification – a significant trigger for staff facing abuse.

The Don’t Put Up With It campaign is being made possible with support from the Scottish Government. SGF is also working with the charity Crimestoppers, its youth programme Fearless and Police Scotland to tackle retail crime. Click here to find out how you can get involved.

Anyone who witnesses a crime in a shop is urged to support their local shop staff by sharing information with Police Scotland on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.