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Taking Action

Retailers must report crime

The Protection of Workers Act gives greater protection to shop workers by making it a specific offence to threaten or abuse them. It also provides further legal protections when the worker is carrying out statutory duties such as age verification – a significant trigger for staff facing abuse.

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This legislation – supported by the Scottish Grocers’ Federation (SGF) – marks a significant step-change in the rights of workers. It powerfully demonstrates the fact that retail crime is unacceptable, will not be tolerated and that criminals responsible for it will be punished.

But for the law to be effective, shop owners, managers and staff must report all retail crime.

The Don’t Put Up With It campaign urges everyone in retail to do exactly that – and for customers to support them in doing so.

Spearheaded by SGF with the support of the Scottish Government, Crimestoppers and Police Scotland, it is encouraging every retailer in Scotland to take a stand and let no crime against them go unreported.

Our message that retail crime will not go unpunished must be heard loud and clear. Police must know about every incident, from shoplifting – which staff will tell you is a daily occurrence in almost every convenience store in the country – to violence and verbal abuse.

Facts & Figures

Incidents of violence and abuse towards retailers happen every day
billion - The annual cost of crime to retailers, according to the British Retail Consortium
percent of shop workers say they have experienced verbal abuse at work
The year that the rights of retail staff were strengthened

Take the
Don’t Put Up With It pledge

We are encouraging retailers across Scotland to show their support by publicly pledging that “We will report all retail crime” and posting a picture on social media using the hashtag #DontPutUpWithIt. Find out who’s taken the pledge – and more about how you can show your support – here.

How you can get involved

Whether a retailer or customer, you can spread the word on the Don’t Put Up With It campaign by sharing the message on social media. Shop owners can display posters in their stores.